Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Ugh it's that ugly dreaded time of the month again.
I should have known really, i was in quite the mood yesterday! 
I love when girls acknowledge their periods. 
Not in a weird way, just like, yeh...it's that time, whatevs.
And it's really not a big deal to bring it up.
So cool.

I used to think it was this huge secret, and that it was forbidden to talk about.
The Voldemort of lady things, if you will. 
Then i got halfway through high school and made new friends; one day a girl mentioned that she 'was on', i was like *GASP*! How can she mention that here?!
But then everyone was just chatting about it and i saw periods as this whole other thing entirely.
It kind of bonds us as women. We all get them, we experience them differently, we help each other through it by talking about it. 
It really is no big deal. 

I had the implant, Implanon, fitted a few years ago, then removed last year.
It stopped my periods altogether. It was amazing in that sense, but it kind of messed with me. 
My skin was awful, i couldn't shift any weight, i had a plastic rod IN MY ARM and i could FEEL IT.
It got too much, so i had it removed. Ah i could breathe again.
Until my periods came back with a vengeance! 

I count myself so lucky in that i don't get cramps [don't hate me cos you ain't me, lol].
I get a bit of backache, lethargy, and a few headaches sprinkled in now and then.
However, today was a rubbish day. 
Despite doing my 'banish fat boost metabolism' workout, i had zero energy
So i did nothing. 

It felt amazing.
I read through blogs, went on imgur, and caught up on HIMYM and 2 broke girls.

I'm still feeling pretty turdy though so cracked out some old photos. 
Nothing cheers me up more than some good old fashioned nostalgia!

My hospital tag.

Seriously though, i freaking LOVE goats!

Look at that pose, that jumper, that 'check me out bitches' face!

I could cry reading this, it makes me lol so much.

OMG! I have just realised this is the same day as the garish jumper!
You can see the pattern on the bottom of my skirt and the green snow boots in the photo.
HA. I am too cool though right!

I love old photos.
I can't wait to get back home and have a rummage in the photo boxes!

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