Thursday, 2 May 2013

MUJI candles :: Review!

I've said it before, and i'll say it again. I'm not the girliest girl. 
I do, however, appreciate a good fragrance.
I'm still searching for an everyday perfume, similar to DKNY Woman & Be Delicious, but that's a whole other story!

One of my favourite smells EVER is the smell of freshly washed clothes.
I hang out the washing like a knicker sniffing pervert, i get a good deep breath of each item i hang.
It just smells so good!
The laundry...not knickers.

My mum loves candles, and my sister is an incense kind gal. 
I, for one, hate incense. Bleugh.
But i love that it will fill a room with fragrance that actually sticks around.
I've had a lot of trouble finding a candle that achieves this. 

I'm quite picky with scents.
They can't be too sweet smelling, vanillary, or floral.
I prefer a fruity, fresh smell. 
It has to be just right though.
I think i found my candle. 

At christmas i was gifted a glass candle from Muji. 
'Old rose'.
It smelt beautiful, but I was sceptical that when burning, the smell would last. 
I lit it, and it was everything i'd been looking for. 
Within a month, i'd used it all up.
What?! I was so excited that i had a fancy, nice smelling candle like all the other grown ups!
I couldn't get enough. 

Then i went and did something i rarely do...i repurchased.

I rolled into Muji and picked up a new 'old rose', and one of the tinned candles.

At €16.50, it certainly isn't cheap.*
But oh boy is it worth it. 
It smells kind of like proper turkish delights, the ones from actual Turkey, not the ones you can get down at Tesco or Asda. 
There's a hint of citrus undertones.
Even when it's not burning, and you're in the vicinity, you can smell it.
Oh heaven!! So good.
If i could eat it, i would, it smells that good.

This is the other candle i bought on a whim.
At €5.50 it is super affordable. It looks really smart too in its tin packaging and gorgeous label.
I chose 'log fire' because my boyfriend loves the smell of bonfire night.
I don't know why, sometimes the smell of fire on bonfire night smells like B.O. to me. 
My boyfriend thinks i am insane, but i really can smell that body odour. Ick.


This smells so much like fire it's crazy.
How do they pot these scents?!
As attractive as it is, i am not keen on this. 
It really irritated me when it was burning. It didn't have as much of a scent as the glass candle, but it was kind of lingering, like an annoying smell you can't put your finger on.
Once burning it didn't smell like a log fire.
I don't know, neither of us were keen though.

Now it sits, unburnt, infront of the tv looking pretty. 

So, Muji, i freaking love your glass candles. 
I will definitely be repurchasing my 'old rose' once it runs out. 

Does anyone have any candle suggestions for me?
Preferably cheaper ones.
I've heard good things about Yankee candles, but have as yet not come across any.

I'd love a fresh linen candle.
I would cry from happiness i think.

Laters taters, i'm off to go sniff my fresh washing!  

*I am a cheapo tho. So most of you will probably think this is pretty cheap compared to other fancy candles! Either way, you need this in your life!


  1. This sounds amazing ! Whenever you walk into muji they have candles burning that smell so good :) I love your blog xx

    1. Yes! It always smells so good! I love their stationary island too, i am a proper pen and paper nerd and i have to touch everything, lol. A trip to Muji could potentially last all day! X

  2. I had a citrus one in my stocking one and it smelled lush!

    Now following you on GFC and would be great to get a follow back, if you would like to follow each other? :)

    Be great if you could check out my latest posts:

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    Thanks! Charlie xx UK Fashion & Style Blog | Lurch Hound Loves

    1. Citrus? Yum! Of course i'll follow back :) checking out your blog now, i really like it X

  3. I never tried MUJI candles, but these sound great :) x

    1. They really are nice, especially the glass ones x

  4. I bought Log Fire this morning and I'm yet to burn it but not a huge fan of the unburnt scent- we'll have to see what happens! xxx

    StudentBeauty- Enter my giveaway!


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