Saturday, 4 May 2013

Healthy eating, losing weight.

The trick to losing weight is...

Eating well and exercise!

Would you believe it?!
I never did. I've struggled with my weight for so long.
I've been on so many faddy diets.
If i was a few years younger, i would probably be doing the 5:2 diet right now.
But i am older, wiser, and more experienced.
I've found the only way to steadily and successfully lose weight is the way everyone has been telling me for a great many years. 
I cut out crisps, i cut out sweets/chocolate, and i limit my carbs.
I rarely use oil, cream and butter when cooking my food.

I start my day with a big glass of water, do my Jillian Michaels dvd, and then have breakfast.
I have cracker-breads for lunch, fruit for snacks, and yummy teas. 

Here is one of my favourite teas for a warm week night. 

Fajita Chicken on an open sandwich

We googled 'fajita rub', made up a jar, and now use it all the time.
It flavours your meat and veggies so well.
The rub we use has paprika, garlic & onion powder, cumin, and all kinds of yummy smelling spices.

Heat up your griddle pan and throw the chicken on in it's spice rub.
While that's grilling away [no oil], prep your bread.
I used a german 'ei-weiƟ' loaf.
It's moist, and really seedy.
Instead of margarine or butter i spread a thin layer of light cream cheese on the bread.
Add lettuce, cucumber, radish, twist of salt and pepper and your steamy spicy chicken.

Stand back and admire your irritatingly easy tea.
Then chow down.

I have been 'healthy eating' for almost a week, and i've lost nearly 2k.
It's not easy, i'm not going to lie.
But i want my nice clothes to fit again, so i have to try, i owe it to myself.

I tried a shirt on last night and it's a little looser.

I don't rely on my scales, because i know your weight changes ALL OF THE DAY.
I prefer to find an item of clothing that i don't wear because it's gotten clingy.
Then i'll try this item on at the end of every 7 days.

My current item is a size 18 denim shirt from Next.
I used to be able to wear it fastened, with leggings, and it would be loose, not tight.

I have another post coming up this week about my weight struggles and current loss.
Whether or not you'll find it interesting i'm not sure.
But i'm super proud and want to share my story is all :)

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  1. that looks so good!! you've made my belly rumble and mouth water so bad right now haha xxx


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