Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday summary

A quick summary of this week :)

We made some tasty grilled chicken burgers and potato wedges.
My definite meal of the week!

All of a sudden Berlin got really warm!
The flip flops were calling to me...

Anyone remember those jelly shoes from back in the day?
 [I'm 27, i can say that. Deal with it.]
I found a website, Sun Jellies, and i am totally getting a pair for summer.
For £19.99, how could you not?! 

I was going to get a black pair, but then my boyfriend pointed out if they're not glittery, what's the point.
So i took his fashion advice but now can't decide between gold or silver glitter!

I discovered Berlin had it's very own, brand new, Monki store....
Picked myself up a couple of tee's, nothing fancy, i'm too large.

I'm currently having a love affair with my old Minolta. 

I started working out again.
This is my 'before' face, i was scured.

It's my mums birthday in May and we're having a garden party.
I offered to make mountains of bunting.
You can now call me Mrs Bunting.

Saturday was super sunny so i decided the time was nigh to sort out my window boxes.
Dirty work.

So proud of the outcome. I put up some mini washi tape bunting and decorated the boxes with some fabric washi tape i have.
I like sitting by the window and watching people look at it.

I'm such a creep :-/


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