Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday Mashup #1

Everyday makeup

So i'm trying out a few new weekly features for the blog, starting with today's Monday Mashup.
Called so because it's going to be a mixture of topics; from food, to music, photography to animation, anything i want basically!

We'll start with some self indulgent beauty! 
[Cue the oohs and aahs]

Y'alls may remember this post? Well i'm using pretty much the majority of the contents.

No makeup, HELLO!

Primer, concealer, & eye brightener. 

Benetint blush, Catrice eye shadows and brows as groomed as i'm ever going to get them! 

Seriously though, can anyone recommend good brow fillers?
I really want to start fixing them up but i feel super conscious like i have marker pen brows!

Oh Hai!

So that's me.

The rare times i wear make up, this is how i look. In Berlin anyway.
It seems when i'm back in England i get really awkward and self conscious, so wear my makeup quite differently.
Usually full foundation, concealer, powder, da woiks.

I'm really ill at the minute, ran out of cold and flu tablets, boo!

I went shopping today hoping to pick up some coral blush, but i quickly discovered there were none to be found anywhere!

Can anyone recommend any decent coral blushes, not too expensive?

Have also been considering asking if anyone wants to do a makeup swap. I'll pick out some makeup and bits from Germany, and the swapee can pick out some English/American/Canadian/Etc stuff and we can post it to each other?

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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