Sunday, 6 October 2013

Food in Berlin // Maria Bonita

Ok, summer is officially over.
I have to be honest, 
autumn and winter are my favourite seasons.
I love layering, 
i love being able to wear a hat,
gloves, scarf etc.
Pumpkins, hot soup, stew.
Not to mention the C word...

That being said, one of my favourite things to do in summer...
I know in the heat it's sometimes difficult to find an appetite,
but when you have the best mexican place down the street
you find some room in your belly!!

Guys, if ever you are in Berlin and the weather is decent,
visit Maria Bonita.
It's on Danziger Str 33, 
just down the street from the Eberswalder U junction,
and their food is crazy good.

Everything is made fresh, on the day, to order.
The place is tiny, you walk in, there's the counter.
They cook everything in the front, 
you can watch if you want...
if that's your thing!

Not much room to eat inside, 
just a window seat,
which is why i suggest visiting on a warm day.
Plenty of seats outside.

I wholeheartedly recommend the fish tacos.
They're a special,
so won't always be there,
but hell,
they are so delicious. 

Tasty spicy salsas.
The guacamole that comes on the side of the plate is to die for.
I didn't like guac until i tried it here.
Now i am a master and make it all the time!

Try the quesadilla.
This was the chicken. There is also beef or a veggie option.
For €6 or €7, it is a serious bargain.

Little tacos alambre, beef and cheese.
We now make a version of these at home.
I know it doesn't look a lot,
but these 3 mini pockets of yum are so filling.
I guarantee satisfaction!!

Those heavenly fish tacos.
The batter is so light, the fish not fishy, 
weirdly, they aren't greasy at all.

There aren't a great many mexican places i've come across,
which is strange to me,
because mexican food is always so fresh, flavoursome, and [kind of] healthy.
I feel like there should be so many more Mexican places!!!

Come to Berlin, 
stay in Prenzlauerberg, 
and come eat at Maria Bonitas.

They sell the most delicious margarita slushys.

For ten euros you can get a meal and margarita.
You can't say fairer than that!!

I love this place.
I want you to love it too.


  1. wow all this food looks gorgeous the salad in eating isnt going to cut it now!

    New followers

    Carrieanne x

  2. Eek! I'm definitely going to be dragging the other half here next week! Love Mexican food! xx

    1. Boyfriend has just informed me he's been twice. Such is life!

    2. haha brilliant! if you're around schonhauser allee near the ubahn, look for yellow burger. we went this week and OMG amazing. it's near mcdonalds and deutsche bank, number 122 i think :) hope you have a good trip!!X


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