Thursday, 10 October 2013

Asos splurge and wedding wishlist!

So over the past 10 days i have been spending like crazy.
I'm flying back to the UK for 2 weeks on Tuesday.
Purely for one reason,
a friend of mine is getting married.
Destination: Tower of London.
Her dad's a Beefeater.

I have been going mental trying to figure out what to wear.
I don't do dresses, i hate my knees,
i would have to wear shorts to combat the dreaded 'chub rub',
it's just too much dramz.
Besides, i'm much more comfortable in a pair of trousers.

I found a pair of pegs with white hearts on Asos, a bit different to the ones on my mood board,
but i'll link you to the right page!
I liked the hearts because they felt wedding appropriate.
When i showed my sister what i'd ordered she laughed at me.
Told me i'll look like i'm wearing pyjamas!!

I needed a large bag to carry my two cameras.
I'm using 2 lenses, one is a 200m so swapping to the 35m would have been awkward,
not to mention incredibly annoying and fiddly.
I found this sweet bowler bag and was torn between the 3 colours,
but eventually decided on black.
Mosher at heart.

I'm thinking of wearing a jumper to finish the outfit.
The ceremony is in the old chapel at the end of October so i want to be snug. 
Also comfort is a major thing for me.
I'm conscious of my belly so i don't like clingy tops.

I bought the polka dot Mango jumper yesterday,
surprised that i could actually fit into the clothes i tried on,
[super proud!]
and i already have the Fossil watch, but mine is silver with nude straps.

I also finally decided what to do with my hair.
I was going to get rid of my ombre and colour it all dark brown or plum,
but after seeing Lily's experience with the new Bleach London colours it convinced me
to re-colour mine again.

My only problem now....what colour?!
My top choices are sea punk and rose. Need help deciding, 
any advice?

So guys, tell me, have any of you been to a wedding?
What's your usual 'go to' wedding attire?
Is a jumper and pants too casual?

Hope you enjoyed this post, something a bit different for me.
I quite liked putting my boards together though,
maybe i'll hop on the wishlist post trend...
especially while we're getting closer and closer to christmas!!


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