Saturday, 12 October 2013

A few goodies...

Hola guys!
Just a few things i picked up a while ago.
I needed a brown blush as i only very recently learnt the benefits of contouring.
[i'm a rubbish girl i know]

Benefit's That Gal is my ultimate beauty weapon of choice.
If i could only have one item of make up,
it would be this.
It's perfect for my skin tone, 
evens any redness,
covers blemishes 
[not completely, but they're defs less obvious]
and is just an all round amazing product.
My only issue with it is i wish there was more of it!
I don't wear make up that often,
but i find this runs out incredibly quickly.

I need to sort out my brows for this wedding that's coming up 
so am giving the Benefit brow pencil a go.
It's a lighter shade than i would think to go for,
but so far i'm liking it.
It doesn't make my eyebrows look painted on so i'm happy!

I'm trying out lip colours at the minute.
These two were cheap and seemed more of a stain than a gloss,
which i prefer.

I'm still not sure what i'm doing with my hair for the big day,
so picked up a few pretty things to experiment with.

Look at the beauty of that make up bag from h&m.
These are perfect for when i have hand luggage and am headed home.
Lots of space and much cuter than the hideous zip lock
airport bags that cost £1!

Wearing all above make ups, 
with added eye squint.

Have a good weekend everyone!!

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