Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Lunching in Berlin // Cafe Niesen

The other week my boyfriend and i decided to head out for a coffee and maybe some lunch,
if we saw anything we fancied...

We are home bodies, 
[you could also suggest we are a little lazy]
and very much prefer staying in and around the area we live.

Luckily for us, we have a range of cafes close by,
and luckily for us, two are a minute's walk away!

We strolled around the corner [literally]
to Cafe Niesen, which means sneeze in German, cuuuute!

Located right on the corner of Korsörer Straße,
[where we lived for a few months fact fans]
and Schwedter Straße, 
with a view of the TV tower and a few minutes walk from Mauerpark,
this corner cafe is always packed on a sunny day.

Very popular with locals, 
and anyone wandering past.

You know somewhere is good when every table is full!

The interior is gorgeous.
They have boardgames on a shelf,
magazines and newspapers.
The perfect location to make yourself comfortable for a few hours.

This cafe is a 'self serve' place.
Which, in Berlin, just means you decide what you want and order from the counter,
rather than waiting to get served at the table.

Your drinks and food are brought to you, 
and you can pay either before you eat or when you're ready to leave.

We opted for chai lattes and they came with a real chai blend in a bag,
i left it to brew for a while, 
i loooove me a good chai latte 
and i've never had one come with the spices before,
so it was a luxurious treat!

As we were only out for a light lunch we opted for a slice of quiche each,
one vegetarian without salad,
and one meaty with.

Both quiches came fresh out of the oven, 
toasty and warm.

The veggie quiche was olive and mushroom,
a combination i've never had before,
and my oh my was it delicious!

The meat had leeks and chunks of speck [chunky bacon]
and was equally as tasty.

There was just one guy in the kitchen,
making everything fresh and on the day which is pretty standard here.

They had a case FULL of home made cakes,
about five varieties,
and lots of other options for lunch at extremely good prices.

They even have a 'house drink',
which is fresh lemon and elderflower syrup,
sounds good!!

As my Kiez [neighbourhood] is quite suburban 
and a popular area for families,
there are always kids outside the cafe,
making their own entertainment while they wait for their parents
to finish their lattes.
[and NOT on smart phones or ipads]

We're often greeted with cute street art such as this!!

If you fancy a day out, 
i whole heartedly recommend you make your way down to Cafe Niesen,
stop for a bit of lunch and a refreshing drink,
then walk on through to Mauerpark.

It's especially beautiful in the autumn,
the leaves are falling and are especially golden this year!



  1. I love the look of this cafe. The look and feel of it is so comforting and the food looks yummy! x

    1. that's exactly it, it feels so homely when you're inside :) x


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