Saturday, 5 October 2013

Welsh Mountain Zoo // Part One

Children looks like it translates in Welsh to 'Plant'.
Oh how we lolled. 

Animal socks for an animal filled day.

These boots are new, from evans.
I have annoyingly wide feet.
These are especially cute and super super comfy.
I really hate heels, most things girly really,
but these are a pretty sweet compromise.
I wore them all day, walked a hell of a lot, no blisters or anything.
These are a win.

This little guy was the cutest.
All the other penguins were legging it after the bucket of fish,
this guy waited and slowly ambled along...
until the bucket came to him.
Haaa, genius.

I love the Welsh language!
How cute is leopard?!

Playing with the zoom on the camera.
This is Rhos on Sea,
familiarise yourself with that rocky jetty...

It was so tempting to touch these guys.


Every time i go back to the UK i try and do something fun, 
top of the list is always a trip to the zoo,
or Conwy.

I only got around to the mountain zoo last trip,
so when i am back in a couple of weeks i'm heading for Conwy.
Fish and chips on the harbour i think.

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