Thursday, 3 October 2013

September in a nutshell

My bowl next to my boyfriends.
I like milk with my cereal ok!!

September was a pretty quiet month for me. 
Pretty much all i did was start a fitness routine, 
watch what i ate,
and re-watch almost all of the Office.
The American one of course,
i really can't stand the UK Office.
John Krasinski is just a dream.

The episode where Dwight wears the 3 wolf moon tee was on
and it made me want to dig mine out.
Hello gorgeous! 

I have a wedding coming up in a few weeks,
it's at the Tower of London no less.
I'm not the girliest of girls so wearing a flowery frock,
or a dress of any kind in fact,
is something i'm just not into.
I've been desperately,
scouring asos curve for something decent to wear.
I'm thinking a plain jumper with a pencil skirt.
I don't know though,
i don't want to buy something that i'll only wear this one time.

In other news...
My boyfriend and i celebrated 10 years together.
We're not big on romance etc,
we just ordered a couple of pizzas from Pizza Pimps.

I have to say, when you order a pizza,
[if you have a pan big enough]
put your pizza in the pan and stick a lid on it,
full heat, 
for about 5-10 minutes.
It tastes fresh out of the oven.
Do it!

I got myself some new make up this month,
and a couple of days ago i spent a whole day uploading photos
and writing drafts.
So although i have been absent this past few weeks 
[with nothing to show for it!]
i have a few posts ready.

I'll be telling you about my trip to the zoo,
my mini haul,
couple of make up reviews, 
my shockingly brilliant spot cream,
a varied amount of crap.

Speak soon guys!


  1. You look gorgeous in those pics! Love the skirt btw!
    The food looks delicious mmhmm!
    Maya xoxo

  2. Looking gorgeous! 10 years is just wow! I'm exactly the same with cereal, the more milk the better! xx


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