Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sunday Summary

1.  Camera photo-shoot  2. Real english sausages!  3. The biggest face wipe i've ever used
4. Goat  5. Homemade iced coffee  6. Fancy tomato  7. Days in the park
8. Pizzaah  9. Twisted  10. Dog beast  11. Eating out  12. Froyo with heidelbeeren 

Well after a pretty on/off week weather-wise
the sun finally decided to show it's big round face!
So much so that i got me a bit of sun burn.
I'm getting the sunburn chills now.

Despite feeling rotton i've had a really nice weekend!
We visited Mauerpark both days,
had some frozen yogurt and bought some vinyl.
[Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, and Iron Maiden...
if you're interested]

We indulged ourselves with vegan burgers 
and an impromptu trip to Gaudy CafĂ© for lunch midweek. 
 Finally broke into the english sausage supply for a tasty fat breakfast.
[Germany only has bratwurst, or bockwurst.]
[and no bacon.]
[not cool Deutschland, not cool.]
Gobbled up fancy flowery tomatoes and made us some pizza.

I had a camera photo shoot so i can share my collection.
Yep. I'm the girl who takes pictures of pictures, 
and cameras.
I am that cool people.

The boyfriend had fun making himself a million iced coffees.
His secret, coffee ice cubes.
Shh, don't say i told. 

While he was doing this i was marvelling at the size of the new face wipes i bought.
They are HUGE!
They cover my whole face.
I'm trying to not use wipes all the time, 
chemicals etc,
but sometimes you just need to wipe, am i right?

I also found a new way to wear my hair.
So much fun.
I love it.
I didn't think it would hold to be honest, 
was pretty dubious.
The trick is though, twist the hair pieces first,
then twist them around each other.

Oh excellent news for you hockey fans....
My bruins got through to the final woo!
Because it's the playoffs most of the guys grow beards.
Seriously, hockey players with beards.

And finally,
last episode of Game of Thrones tomorrow.
After last weeks explosive episode, 
i'm excited about how they're going to end it.
My guess is the final scene will be something to do with fire.
Series 1 ended with Dani [fire],
Series 2 ended with the white walkers [ice].
So i'm thinking fire, maybe something to do with the red god?
Bit supernatural/magic like the last two finales...
We'll see, 
very much looking forward to it.

Hope everyone has had a good week!

I'm going to see Bad Religion on thursday
so my week is already looking amazing!

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