Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My cameras - Lomo

One of my favourite things in the world is cameras.
I love taking photos,
looking back at pictures and recalling the day,

I love just looking at a camera too.
I just find them really aesthetically pleasing.
[i'm coming across weird again]
You know some people collect dragon figurines,
oh, or Pogz?
Well i like to collect cameras. 

I first got introduced to lomo cameras when my boyfriend went to London a while ago.
He went to the design museum,
[i love the shop there]
And came home with a lomo fisheye camera.
I was like 'WOAH what is that!?'.
Especially when the film got developed.
I think it took me about two months before it was in my possession.
Ha, winner.   

Below are some of my lomo cameras.
The main premise of lomo photography is to point and shoot.
Suits my style of photography perfectly.
[no style at all!]

This was a christmas present a few years back.
I haven't had any film developed yet, 
i haven't really found anywhere decent to take pictures.

It's a spinner.
I know right!
See the little ring? 
Well, you grip the handle, pull the ring,
hold the camera above your head and release!
360ยบ photo.
I have no clue where i'd get the film for this developed lol. 
Any ideas??

The old favourite.
Little fisheye.
Look at him in his fancy on trend neon jacket!

This colourful beast has 8 lenses. 
Which means 8 frames in one picture.
It is bizarre and so fun.

I also have a 120 diana that i am yet to play with properly. 

Man i suck!
I told you, i just like to look at them!

Does anyone else own any toy cameras?
I'd love to see your photos!


  1. I am so envious of your camera collection! What would you recommend for a first Lomo camera? I'm looking to get one and you seem to have a variety :)

    Love Madison


    1. heyhey, i would definitely say a fisheye like the one i've got. it's super easy to get used to, the double exposures that you can do are awesome, and there's a difference in the photos when they're developed so you can really see what you've created. it's one of my favourite cameras :) get one!! x

  2. Wow, you have an amazing collection of cameras. I've been looking at the Diana one on Amazon, umming an ahhhing whether to get it or not at the moment. It's the film bit of it I'm not sure about. That 8 frame one looks fancy, you have any photos to share with it? x

    1. I have photos but they're from ages ago and in the uk! But i'm home next week going through all my stuff so i might post some if i find any :D My diana takes 120 film rather than the normal 35 and it terrifies me! so if its the 35 on amazon go for it! they're supposed to be really nice photos...i need to start using mine i think ha! x


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