Thursday, 13 June 2013

NYX cream blush review

I feel like i'm still trying to find my feet with this blog.
Figuring out what i actually want to write about. 
So apologies if me talking about make up isn't your thing!

i love cream blushes. 
I feel like even if you are wearing no makeup,
a quick dab on your cheeks will immediately brighten your complexion.
[and make you feel better!]

I bought this on a whim.
I didn't even test it out in the shop.
I'm glad i didn't test it though.
If i had, i wouldn't have bought it.

It feels more like a gel than a blush.
I was dubious at first.
But after applying, 
it smooths and blends really nicely.
It doesn't keep that gel feeling for long at all.

My cheeks don't feel sticky,
like they do with some other cream blushes.
And the colour is really pretty.
It looks more pink in the pot,
but when applied it is definitely more of a coral.

This blush is now in my essentials bag.
Sorry Benetint!

NYC cream blush in Rose Petal, €8,95

Posts have been a little scatty this week because i'm a bit ill.
Suspected sinusitis.
Which has resulted in ear problems,
and toothache.
Being the anxiety ridden hypochondriac i am i'm stressing out that the infection
is getting into my brain.

I had another sleepless night,
well, an hours sleep,
because i was worrying that i didn't feel as congested in my face.
I convinced myself it had trickled into the back of my head.
When maybe i'm just getting better!!?

Thankfully i have a doctors appointment tomorrow.
I need antibiotics and i figure
flying with this pressure in my head.....
not going to be nice.

Hope everyone is well and feeling happy.

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