Friday, 14 June 2013

Friday Favourites!

Something a bit different for the blog today, 
following suit and showing you some of my favourite things from this week.

This watermelon wearing chic.
I full on love her.
And i love the point she's making.
girls got balls man.

Loving this j boog song.
Been listening to Rodigan on radio2 and 1extra a lot.

Helpful spoon eyeliner tutorial.
you read that right.
This super cute chica shows us how to apply eyeliner...using a spoon.

This kid is the cutest!
Parenting done right let me tell you.

I made a tumblr purely for my photography.
I've had a lot of reblogs already which has given me a huge boost in confidence.
Ah, confidence, how i miss you!

Major news, a NEW LOMO was announced.
A build it yourself, 
diy, [duh]
And, better news, it's only €35.
So cheap! 

These hamburger cupcakes have made my life.

And finally some grilled cheese fabric.

Hope you enjoy,
i know it can be annoying clicking through links but i implore you to do so.
Well worth it!

It would seem i am finally getting over my hideous sinus infection,
ear infection,
and sunburn.

It really knocked me for 6 this past few weeks.
I still am wary about how my head feels.
Dizziness etc.
But i'm at the doctor's next week so will be getting all the tests!!

I fly back to the UK on wednesday,
Argh, solo flight.

I have a few tattoos planned, 
fingers crossed i can sort out the funds.
Happy weekend guys x

1 comment:

  1. Spoon Eyeliner has literally changed my life. I will forever have a spoon in my make up bag now! Also the Watermelon, amazing! Woman got big balls! Hope you had a safe flight! Oooo looking forward to seeing what tattoos you have planned x


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