Monday, 20 May 2013

Sunday Summary...with a twist...

The twist being that it's actually Monday, not Sunday!

This is pretty picture heavy i must warn you.
I've been away for over a week and blogging has been difficult. 
Finding time to load and edit photos, even finding time to just sit down and compose a decent paragraph, has been tough. 
So to thank you for your patience i am going to load this post with a great many photos.

Hope you enjoy!

1. Makeshift bedroom  2. Washi tape cups d.i.y  3. Decorating the garden
4. Birthday kitchen  5. Cake!  6. Happy Birthday Motherhen!
7. Being a rightful and true princess  8. Orange & mint water  9. Trip into town
10. How you doin'  11. Camera kit  12. Looking suspish  13. Lymm Dam  14. Pretty Lymm
15. Coffee trip  16. Snickers bites in the making  17. PigtailsCameraFace 
18.  Sneaky McDonalds trip  19. McDonalds guilt  20. Sister bond!

I have so much to show and tell you about my trip home, as you can probs tell it's been a bit of a hectic week back!
Got lots of bargains, met up with a lot of family, and celebrated a milestone birthday. 

Hope everyone has had an excellent week, i certainly have!
Back in Berlin now, after a drama with the train from the airport, we came home to mouldy bread [so gross] and a bust boiler. 
Oh also, today is a bank holiday, so we are going the be like the stink monster in Spirited Away by the time the hot water comes back on!
We're going to have an olden day shower later, bucket of boiled water in the bath ha!
On that note....bis sp├Ąter! 

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