Saturday, 18 May 2013

My real face, why i don't do OOTD posts

So this is me.

No make up, lazy eye, standard garb.

Being overweight and unhappy, i live in 'comfy' clothes. 
Joggers, t-shirts, loose tunic tops. 
I hardly wear make up, what's the point, and i never go out. 

As you know, i'm trying to lose weight, and am currently unhappy with how i look.
Regular clothes don't fit me.
This makes having a style difficult. 
I see so many clothes i love.
I might start a weekly 'what i would wear if i was thinner' type post?
I hate clingy clothes though, and i hate people looking at my body and judging me as a person as a result of how i look.

This might change when i lose weight, it might not.
At the minute though, you won't get any outfit of the day posts from me!
Until i am more confident in myself, and, ahem, actually own clothes worthy of shooting, i won't be participating in OOTD.

In the meantime though, i'm sure you've all seen this video from Dove?
It's heartbreaking at first, knowing that's how you would describe yourself, negatively; but then you see the women's faces at the end, and it's just beautiful.
I'm sure every woman thinks this way, and to show it from the other side, is just genius.

Personally, i love the message behind this video.

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