Thursday, 16 May 2013

What's in my....hand luggage

I'm in the Uk!
I got on a plane, the flight was great, and i am home!
I was so excited i started packing a week early.

Below is everything i needed to pack.
No suitcase, just hand luggage.

I ended up forgetting loads of stuff i wanted to bring over for my mum's party.
How i do not know.
My nifty mesh bags are from muji.
So good.
Keep all my clothes together and fresh.
Well worth investing.
Plus, they're super cheap.

I brought a pair of leggings, and a pair of 'fancy leggings'.
You know, that nice pair everyone has that are a bit thicker, might have a zip/pleather stripe/ruching, and that aren't too see through...
Then i had 2 casual tops, a 'nice' jumper [incase of meals out etc], and a pair of pyjamas and my work out clothes. 
I haven't worn the normal leggings or nice jumper yet.
I thought i'd done really well packing but apparently i overpacked, yet again!!

Does anyone else do this?
Have that one item of clothing they just won't touch on holiday?

Make up i just brought the every day stuff.
Couple of eye shadows [Catrice, MAC dupes i swear], lip balm, primer, blush and concealer.
My mum bought me like 4 ELLE magazines so i had 4 sample 'They're Real' mascaras just a-waitin' for me to get stuck into.
[side note, i am impressed!]

Also along for the ride, a notebook, 2 cameras, my old eeyore ted, and my kindle. 

Before i left i popped into the chemist for something for nerves.
After watching an old essiebutton vlog about her Paris pharmacie haul i decided to check out the skincare section in the german one.
Glad i did!
I found this [much raved about] La Roche Posey set.
Look at that price.
It would be rude not too right?
Well, i did.
So far it feels good.
I've had a little break out since being home but i think i stressed myself out about travel and the party and socialising. 
It's sorting itself out anyway. 

I was also feeling bummed about my weight loss the past couple of days.
We don't have a proper mirror in Berlin, so most days i don't know what i actually look like from the waist down [i count myself lucky].
We have a million mirrors in my parents house. 
I see myself all.the.time.
And i hate it. 
In my head i look much different, but then i see myself in 'real life' and i'm like eeew, not cool shell, not cool. 
Feeling very disheartened. 
Then my family came round and said i look as though i've lost weight,
which gave me that little boost to keep on trucking. 
Family hey, aren't they just the best. 

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