Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My hair. A journey in pictures.

While i was home last week we looked through a lot, A LOT, of old photos.
One thing that struck me was that i can never just stick with a hair style.
If i have it long, i want to cut it.
If it's short, i want to grow it.
If it's pink, i want green.
There are just so many options!

Luckily i have been pretty blessed in that my hair has only once given up on me. 
An unfortunate bleaching was the catalyst for the ultimate pixie cut.
More stories below :)

Ah. Starting my hair history as any good German girl would. 
With hair that inspired the 'boy in a dress' nickname from my class in kindergarten. 
Followed by a mullet. I think my face says it all.
Thanks parents.
I'll repay the favour when you're old and can't stop me >.<

Now we have a big jump to late teens/early 20's.
All my primary school and high school era photos are back in England.
Oh no. How awful. Now you'll never see them. Darn it.

So as i got older, and got a boyfriend, i was introduced to a lot of music i'd never heard before.
When you spend the first 8 years of your life in Germany, and your parents aren't big music listeners anyway, this is not something i'm really ashamed of.

I got into punk pretty heavily. 
Rancid. Bad Religion. The Distillers. The Clash.
To name but a few early favourites.
My boyfriend was in a band also, which opened my eyes to a whole new lifestyle.

After first experimenting with pink streaks, and bleached hair, i branched out and cut me a mohawk.
I just did it one day. It was awesome.
The only annoying thing was styling it up. It always flopped.
So i tied it back, then when it got long i had dreads put in.

After punk i developed a rockabilly style. 
Bright red, longer hair with quiffs and cutesy hair clips.

Occasionally i'd chop it all off after deciding to grow it, get bored, then bleach and colour it. 
I'm an introvert, but i love nothing more than people noticing my hair. 

This followed the rockabilly, i'd curl it like Marilyn or any other pin up.
I never tried the victory rolls, just went for a curly sue kinda look.
I love my make up on here, i just can't recreate it.
It looks so easy aswel! I think it's the eyeliner i keep messing up...

So one day a couple of years ago i went home to go to Rebellion in Blackpool.
It's a punk festival, some of my favourite bands were playing, why not.
While there i was struck by how many of the girls had white blonde hair. 
It made me remember mine and i got a bit nostalgic, decided i wanted to go white again.

Bleached it. 
No problem. Gave it a week or so, bleached it again.
Now...i've done this before and never had any problems. Maybe my diet had messed me up?
Either way, i screwed up.
When i woke up the next day, the ends of my hair were still wet.
I went to the hairdresser, she basically said all the minerals had been stripped and my hair was clinging onto any moisture it could. 
I had a trim, went back to Berlin, and looked after my hair.
It grew, and, inevitably, i got bored, decided to get a shorter style cut in.

Nothing drastic, just a style that would replenish my hair, didn't need much fuss etc.....

This is how long it got, the longest it's been for years. 

Then this happened. 
I'll just let it sink in.


I said i'd like a short rockabilly style fringe, just a few inches off etc etc. 

She seemingly interpreted that as 'please give me a barely there fringe, and leave only a couple of inches all over, thanks'.

Can you tell i'd been crying in the photo above?! 

Then i realised i was being silly and acting like the girl who says she's ok with getting her hair cut on ANTM, then cries the whole time she is getting a tiny trim or fringe cut in. 

It eventually grew out.
It actually really helped my hair, and, after the initial shock, i started to like it.

After this photo i found a guy from south america [i think] who did house calls and who had trained at Vidal Sassoon. 
I told him i needed a style cut in, but that i wanted to grow it. 
He gave me a really subtle long bob, a tiny bit shorter at the back, and i love it. 

 So there you have it.
A tiny snippet of my hair history. 

Hope you enjoyed the embarrassing myspace-esque early photos ha :D


  1. love the early photos, you've had some wild looks! I'm had the same hair cut since I was about 15. So boring!

    1. are you kidding!? that's not boring, the one thing i wish most of all was that i was one of those girls who had their natural colour still and nice long hair! your hair's gorgeous so shutup!


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