Thursday, 23 May 2013

Homeward bound

Side note...
Did anybody else love Homeward Bound as much as i did as a kid?
Psssht, who am i kidding...
i love it even now!

I went back to the UK last week for my mum's birthday.
She's German and hasn't seen her mum, my Oma, for 3 years.
So the whole family conspired for months to get my Oma, her boyfriend [!!], my uncle and his lady friend, over to Warrington for her birthday.

And you know what?
We pulled it off!
My Oma arrived on the Friday before her birthday party, and my uncle arrived on the actual day of her party. Her face was a picture. 
Both times. 

I have a butt-load of photo heavy posts coming up.
I hope you'll all enjoy.
If not, then bear with me :)
I took a lot a lot of photos while home!

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