Friday, 24 May 2013

Dainty Doll eyeshadows £1!!!

This is NOT a purchase from fragrance direct!
I'll admit, when 'everyone' was blogging about the DD blushes, i mooched over for a nosey.
But i didn't like any of the colours, so, feeling a bit sad, i left it.

When i go back home one of my favourite things is the discount shops.
[and asda, but that's a whole other post altogether]
We have a retail park that has three, THREE, stores!!!
B&M, Home Bargains, and Discounts UK. 

Go on....keep scrolling, it's good...

All of the discounts!

It was Discount UK where i found this little haul. 
Their make up section is amazing.
Seriously, go check it out.
Sally Hansen, Wet & Wild, Bourjois, so many great brands and so so cheap.
What caught my eye though was the beautifully packaged Dainty Doll eyeshadows.

I literally gasped.
My dad was all, "are you ok? what's up".

I stood at the stand for ages, riffling through the packets to see the range of colour.
Turns out there were only 3 choices.
2 eyeshadows, and 1 eyeshadow base.

I couldn't decide.
Then my dad was like, 
*exasperated sigh*
"Shell, they're a pound each, just throw them all in the basket" 

So i did!
For the sumly [is that a word?] price of £3!

These can retail anywhere from £1.99 on Fragrance Direct, to £14 everywhere else.
The choice on FD however isn't that great. 
All in all, I'm pretty happy with my bargain.
Wearing my smug pants.

Two of my cases don't have a mirror, but how many mirrors does one person really need?
The shadows are really pigmented, can be worn nice and subtle, or really build up that colour.

I'm super happy with Teach Me Tiger.
It's a shimmery orange/gold colour, 
and is a colour i have been searching for but never knew it.

The eyeshadow base is easy to apply and so creamy.
It reminds me of Benefit's LemonAid, just not quite as yellow, or solid.
If i'm honest, i prefer the DD base.
I feel it lasts a little longer and is easier to apply.

Ah shopping!
Discount store shopping.
Ain't nothing better.

I picked up a few more bargains whilst in the UK.

Will be posting about them, so look forward to that!
Also a fresh new analog post.

Exciting, non?!


  1. Oui! Tres love a bargain! I have heard about these Dainty Doll eyeshadows cropping up in all sorts of places just now - even in Poundland! I haven't seen any myself but I'm keeping my eyes peeled. Nice find missus! x

    1. really?! poundland hey...might have to get my mum to keep an eye out! i do love me a bargain :D x

  2. Exciting, oui oui oui! Bargain! I have Frankie Girl too! FD purchase like #common xx

    1. lol, i love this! frankie girl so gooooood >.<


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