Saturday, 25 May 2013

Neon shelves D.I.Y

After 3 years of on and off living in Berlin, 12 months ago we finally took the plunge and rented our own place.
We're into the industrial, urban, design type look when it comes to interiors i guess.
That's what my sister said anyway, lol, we just find things and like them.

One of the things we found and liked was a set of shelves for the kitchen.
They had neon green wall attachments, and simple wooden shelves.
Checked the price tag....€180.
Now, we're not skinflints or anything, but paying that much for 3 shelves that will hold ketchup, no.
Too much.

So we decided to make our own.

After a small trip to our local d.i.y shop and spray paint shop,
[yes, it exists, we are in Berlin, home of graffiti],
 we were ready.

We bought this standard office shelving unit, which i swear, is exactly what the expensive shelves were made out of.
It cost us around €12.

Then we chose a neon orange can of spray paint for €4.

Lovely boyfriend spraypainted the unit and we left it to dry overnight.
Next day we fixed it to the wall, attached our ikea shelves.
Et Voila!

It looks even better than the expensive designer one!

This is our shelf the week we moved in, we now have a separate 'hot sauce shelf',
a condiment crate, and these shelves are full of pasta jars and flour.

It may have taken a day or two for things to dry etc, but this was well worth it.
It looks so different as well, people really love it.

Enjoy your weekend guys, i'm full of a cold so plan on watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
I am awesome.

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