Sunday, 26 May 2013

Illustration book - self publishing?

I'm not sure if many of you are aware, but i like to draw.
I'd call myself an illustrator, but i don't like to.
I feel like my drawings are nowhere near as good a quality as some illustrators i admire.
So i feel like a fake calling myself one!
Let's just say i draw.

Something i've always wanted to do is make a little art book of my drawings.
I've always been too afraid though.
Not anymore. 
I want to do it.
I need to do it. I'm having an existential life crisis at the minute.
I don't know what i want to do.

The only thing i am certain of is, i want to make my book.

Ever since i bought Mistakes in the Backgound by the ever wonderful Laura Dockrill, i knew i wanted to do something like this.
I remember finding it in Borders [r.i.p] one lazy sunday afternoon.
I never knew this kind of art existed.
It opened my eyes to a whole host of other artists.
David Shrigley and Marc Johns being two of my favourites. 

My project now is to make this book happen.
My drawings are super simple.
Black pen on white paper.
Line drawings.
Sometimes text.

I need to now research someone to publish my book.
I want really nice paper, something i can be proud of, i love good matte paper.
Does anyone have any experience in self publishing?
Or know anyone who does?
Help would be massively appreciated!


  1. Have you tried There's another one called, but i've just looked on it and it has changed since I last went on the site (round about 2008/09). Hope that helps a little bit x

    1. Yeh i'm looking into them at this very minute! Thanks :D helps greatly! It turns out i signed up with lulu a couple of years ago and totally forgot about it ha x


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