Sunday, 8 September 2013

Parents invade Berlin!

Just a few [very] delayed snapshots from my parents visit in August.
Or July....
I can't remember anymore!!

I haven't been anywhere this week or done anything,
so no photos or sunday summery for you.

I can tell you that i've been on a healthy eating regime for two weeks,
and my weigh in is tomorrow.
I'll be back in the afternoon to fill you in on what i'm up to,
why i'm doing it,
and why i give a fuck if i'm fat or thin.

Hope everyone's enjoying x-factor!!
I wasn't going to watch it this year but then...
i did.
Now i don't want to stop.



  1. Replies
    1. dobbies had them in over summer, but the colours were a lot brighter than this, my mum got a green one....super comfy! then we found them round here, mum was sad haaa


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