Thursday, 29 August 2013

Burgers in Berlin || Volta

A new feature on the blog today,
welcome to, 
Burgers in Berlin.

My boyfriend and i are burger lovers.
There's nothing better than finding a new burger place pop up and trying it.
Marking it on the mental burger scale. 
Arguing about how it measures up to The Bird or Burgermeister.

I'm going to be sharing some of my favourite places to eat burgers in Berlin,
i might even stretch it to my favourite places to eat,

Today's burger eaterie....

Tucked away on BrunnenStr,
it's easily accessible and pretty easy to find. 

A bonus for the location is the U8 stops right by it, 
the VoltaStr. stop, no less.


Lots of space outside for plenty of bums on benches.

Everything is home made, and in season.
The menu isn't huge, but that's a definite plus.
My favourite places to eat have a small selection, 
meaning they can focus all of their attention on what they actually want to cook.

But, what we came for, the Volta Burger.
€12, with sides.
Can't argue with that.

They have hausgemachte iced tea,
it's so fresh,
but i have an issue with fresh mint.
This just tasted like toothpaste, not my bag really.
My boyfriend though, chugged down 2 glasses.

Some of the best beer in Berlin.
They get it from a local micro brewery.
I'm not sure if it's their brewery, or just a supplier,
but it doesn't matter really, not for beer this tasty.

Here she is, star of the show.
Just delicious.
The burger was really meaty,
the relish was a nice accompaniment,
and the chips are to die for. 

You get a giant onion ring, 
thank you.

The bun kind of falls apart, 
because it's a little twisted roll,
but it's better than an english muffin holding 250g of meat!!

Now remember, this is my opinion,
and not everyone will agree,
my boyfriend certainly doesn't!

I do not like the taste of beef.
I can't eat steak, it tastes...grey.
I have no other way to describe it.
I like burgers because it's ground up beef,
seasoned to shit,
and encased in bread, cheese, relish and lettuce.
Can't really taste the beef.

So that's how i'm scaling things. 
This burger, tasted too much like beef.
Not seasoned enough for me,
the surrounding relish and cheese didn't make up for it either.
So although i liked it, and the chips were FIT,
i won't be coming back to Volta specifically for their burger.

I'll go back, but i'll try something else.
The ambience of the place,
their ideals,
the freshness of their produce,
just gorgeous.

It felt like i was at a really hip, expensive, restaurant.
Well worth the money.

But because i don't like the taste of beef,
this burger is not a favourite of mine!

Still, i would 100% recommend it, 
because other people
[my boyfriend and his parents]


  1. Awesome post! Another great place to visit in October! xx

    1. Yes yes! It's really cool. Also....the bird. X


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