Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sunday Summary

1. Jazzing up our super cool calendar  2. Lamb  3. €2.50 Bruce album on vinyl
4. Portion control  5. Rain  6. Burgers
7. Iron tablets  8. Herbal tea  9. Mini haul  10. Game of Thrones

It always surprises me how quickly the week goes. 
Before i know it, i'm sitting down writing my Sunday summary!
I feel like this week has been especially long.
Mainly because we've had to wait two whole weeks for episode 9 of Game of Thrones. 
The episode titled 'The Rains of Castamere',
and they make us wait two weeks. 
Can't wait for Monday.

My week has been, enlightening, shall we say.
I decided i am going to publish a book of my illustrations. 
I'd love it if a publisher approached me but hey, if Beatrix Potter can self publish, so can i!
I've been researching prices and sites for book quality. 
I think i'm onto something, will update when i know more.

I've been feeling sluggish and rotton lately and my sister suggested anemia. 
Could be a possibility, i don't get enough iron.
Hence the giant leg of lamb, iron tablets, and boeuf burgers!

While we're on the subject of self diagnosing...
i think i have sinusitis.
I had what i thought was a cold a couple of weeks ago, 
and i'm still really congested.
Yesterday my face started hurting right under my eyes on my cheeks.
After some googling and a trip to the chemist it was determined i had sinusitis. 
I had my first ever nasal cleanse yesterday.
Try it, i dare you!

My little mini haul of hair conditioners is the most exciting thing i've bought recently.
[after the springsteen bargain!]
I tried the argan oil one last night and my hair felt gorgeous.
Really thick and soft.
From someone who has thin, dry ends, this was a dreamy treat.

Anyway, i hope everyone had a good week?
All it's done in Berlin in rain so i hope you've had it better than us!

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  1. I've only just started watching Games of Thrones (don't hurt me!) We have season 1 on boxset and my mum has 2 so we've started going through them quite quickly, we managed to watch the first 3 episodes of season 2 last night. I'm hooked! If it was up to me I would of carried on watching all night long but no my other half stopped me when it got to midnight as he has work this morning. Boo! Those conditioners look so cute in their packets. Argan oil has done wonders for my hair, it's amazing the feeling it leaves you with x

    1. Are you enjoying it!? I love game of thrones soooo much!! Peter Dinklage as Tyrion is the best casting decision EVER. I have an insane crush on him :D
      Stupid bfs needing sleep and not committing to the cause!
      Im not really a fan of the actual argan oil that everyone uses, but in disguise as a conditioner it's really worked, i really like it. The oil makes my hair feel kind of weird, i don't know, maybe i'm not using it right lol!?x

    2. I tend to put just 2 little pumps of the stuff into my hair after towel drying it then either leave my hair to dry naturally or with a hairdryer. My hair has a love/hate relationship with hair dryers so it's normally just naturally and my hair comes out lovely and soft.
      Season 1 and 2 done! LOVES! x

    3. Yes!! Now on to season 3, it's my favourite one so far :D
      My hair still doesn't want to cooperate with the oil, i did get an argan oil cream thing free with a magazine. That seemed to have better hair sucks!!x

  2. Ahh the food looks SO yummy, I'm actually starving now haha! :) I actually still haven't watch Game of Thrones (oops) but I decided to start this week, so exciting!!

    Andrea | RosyChicc

    1. Yeh game of thrones for the win!! I hope you enjoy it! Looking back at the food is making me hungry now also.... :D x


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