Monday, 3 June 2013

Kukee jewellery and a wishlist of sorts...

I stumbled across Kukee quite by accident. 
I was looking for a name necklace, and found their site via a google search.
I decided to go ahead and buy a necklace, and get it delivered to my mum's so i had a nice treat to look forward to coming home!

When i got back and she gave me my pile of parcels,
[i may have treated myself to a few bits...]
i ripped this one from Kukee open straight away.

Lookit the cute packaging!

I love this necklace. 
I wear it all of the time.
It's a bit different to the popular tatty devine-esque name necklaces lots of people have.
The letter cubes are chunky yet dainty at the same time.
The chain is the perfect length for me.

If you look at the photo above you can see some larger links in the chain.
These are on either side of the letters and prevent them from separating and rolling around to the back of your neck!
They don't seem to have the named necklaces or bracelets on the site anymore.
It's a shame really.
Not to worry though, there's lots of other pretty things!

After putting my new necklace on i went straight to the website and looked at ordering a few more things.


I chose some necklaces that are all of the things i love.
Space, dinosaurs, and skulls.
I am such a nerd i know.

There's a few other bits i want from the site...

These super cute skull bobbles are calling out to me.
Not pictured is the matte black one, sooo good!
For £1 each i might treat myself to all three.

These diamond pretties.
I'm getting a diamond knuckle tattoo when i go home so i want these!

These safety pin earrings couldn't call out to the punk in me more.

And finally this little pyramid.

Ah, i'm going back home in a couple of weeks so might have to place another order because seriously, i freaking love this website.

Keep checking their facebook.
Every now and then they post really good deals and offers. 

Did i mention Kukee has a page dedicated to £1 jewellery?
One pound.

Just to make things clear, 
anything i talk about on here i've bought myself.
No-one has ever sent me anything to review, 
i felt like i just needed to clear that up.

I love bargains, and i love quirky jewellery that you can express yourself through.
That is why i love this site so much.


  1. Gorgeous jewellery especially love the dinosaur necklace xx

    1. I love dinosaurs! They do a little trex too but i controlled myself ha! They've got a sale on at the minute too :D must. show. restraint...x

  2. Looks like this is an amazing website! I love stumbling across new jewellery sites :) as long as the quality isn't crappy.

    Check out the giveaway on my blog for your chance to win a M.A.C lipstick or eyeshadow of your choice :)

    1. I can fully vouch for the quality [of the necklaces anyway!], really good stuff, it's hard to believe they are such good value to be honest!
      Ooh giveaway time!! I'll be having one as soon as i reach 50 followers so keep checking back! x

  3. Quirky awesome things! Love them x

    1. i know right, super pretty and cheaps :) x


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