Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Benefit 'They're Real!'

I come to you bearing a review of a mascara everybody already loves and raves about.
Never one to follow a trend i am seemingly late to this pants party.
But wait, am i late? 
Or did i just intentionally wait until all the hype was over, 
then present my two cents when you would actually care to read it??

The truth is i'm a procrastination queen and just kept saying, 
"tomorrow tomorrow, i'll do it then"
*whispering* i didn't though...

The other side of the truth is i didn't want to, 
nay, couldn't afford to, 
spend £20 on a mascara before trying it out first.

Luckily for me Elle had it as a freebie some weeks ago and my parents picked me up a few copies.
Thank you parents!
I now have four of these mini tubes and i am super chuffed because, 
yep, you guessed it, 
i effing love this mascara!!!

I am not usually a fan of mascaras with plastic brushes but i'll make an exception here.
The brush gives the lashes an all over, even coating, 
and the mascara, however it's made, is wonderful. 
It left my lashes thick and lengthened, but not clumpy or spidery, which i hate!
Also it dried really fast, 
which i really like, because i'm not one to spend forever on my make up.
Plus, i often sneeze right after doing my mascara,
[i get weirder, i know]
so having it dry quickly was brilliant, no sneezy mess to clean up!

The only thing that irked me about this was that ball on the end of the brush.
It seemed to grab a bunch of lashes and stick them all together if i wasn't careful.
I wondered if this was just because the wand is smaller, 
as it's just a sample size.

I brought this up with a friend of mine and she assured me it's not clumpy or overly large on the normal sized product. 

Well then, i'm sold!

Please enjoy some pictures where my large pores and smaller eye are excruciatingly obvious... 

No mascara...

With Benefit They're Real.
Woah look out, try not to poke your eyes out with those bad boys!

This is just one coat.
I'm not one for multiple layers of mascara so getting this result with one coat, 
happy shell!

So there you have it.
 I, as well as many others, love this mascara.
The hype is not just hype, 
it really is as good as 'they' all say it is. 

As soon as my 4 samples run out i'll have probably saved enough money to treat myself to the actual real life full sized version,
and let me tell you, 
i am excited!

I read somewhere that asking questions at the end of a post connects you to your readers so...
did everyone watch Game of Thrones this week?


  1. I have recently started using this mascara too after winning some! I adore it too! I'm lucky, I can get away with most mascaras, cheap or expensive, but I love how it stays put all day and makes my lashes really spidery! xx

    1. Yes! It's so so good! I've used the Maybelline great lash mascara for years now. Not because it was amazing, but because it was ok, now i've found this though! Laters old favourite :D x

  2. I really like this mascara for the day time but it doesn't give me enough length or drama for a night out so I switch to Lancome in the evening.

    1. Ooh this is just enough drama for me! However a little more wouldn't hurt :) which lancome one do you use? I have used a l'oreal telescopic one at some point, but i think they changed the formula because it doesn't quite look the way it used to, sadface x

  3. I have this mascara too and I was lucky to have it as my sister couldn't get on with it. I always use this one when I go on a night out and I stick with my trusty maybelline which I've used for years. Boots have a mini one on offer at the moment along with Porefessinal for £9.50. I have not seen this Game of Thrones episode that everyone is talking about or read the book yet :( I'm catching up slowly, 4 episodes away! I'll be Game of Throned out soon x

  4. I got this mascara for my birthday (hell no was I paying £20 for a mascara) It's pretty darn good! x


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