Friday, 16 August 2013

On being 'boring'.

Some things about me...
I don't drink.
I have social anxiety. 
I'm ├╝ber self-conscious.

All of these factors lead people to think the same thing about me;
i am rude,
and i am a boring bore.

I am neither.
I come across as rude because of my chronic shyness.
I am that person who will say something ridiculous in answer to your simple question.
I search my brain for intelligent and humorous conversation.
My brain farts in return.

I come across as boring because i don't drink.
Please, enlighten me.
How on earth does not drinking make me so boring?
I don't like to piss, yes literally piss, the small amount of money i have away.
[i prefer spending this on permanent scars on my body!]
I don't like to feel sick.
I don't like feeling dizzy.
But mainly....
i don't like the affect it has on people.
You must have been 'the sober one' at some point? 
You get where i'm coming from right?

I would rather go to a gig, enjoy it, and leave.
Return to my nice warm house,
change into some comfy pants,
and watch Ace Ventura.
Or listen to music.
Or edit some photos. 
Or draw.
Or write.
Or read.

I enjoy my life.
I don't call you out on your choices.
Don't call me out on mine.

Usually i sneak out of a social gathering, 
as not to make a fuss or draw attention to myself.
Tonight i was out and someone asked me what my plans were for the rest of the evening.
I told them straight, 
"i'm heading off in a minute, not staying long"
*cue the boos*
At this point i held my hands up and laughingly said,
"oooh i know, so boring!"

And although it seems ridiculous,
it felt so good.


  1. i used to really enjoy going out on nights out and getting 'bladdered' at university. but now i'm working full time and i actually have money i just don't bother. i don't even miss it really. i have barely touched a drop of alcohol since new years eve, and even then i probably drank about a tenth of what i would normally drink.

    i much prefer nights in watching dvds and doing crafts or reading all night. and for the most part those are so much cheaper. (not that i have any money still half the time, i don't really know what i spend it on...haha).

    if you're still going out and seeing friends you're definitely not boring. :) or at least not as boring as me, who has no friends and spends all of her time alone with her rodents :P

    Carry x

  2. I know right, it's so much more fun doing something you actually enjoy rather than just ending up wasted.
    Also, me going out is a rare occasion, the rarest of all! I usually spend time alone with my dog in the uk...when i'm in berlin i don't even have my dog! X

  3. I do drink, but it's the odd strawberry and lime cider at home as it's just so yummy. I rarely go on nights out that involve loads of drinking because I just don't see the appeal of it. When it comes to mummy's meals out or going round for drinks I am the awkward one that will quote some silly film reference or come out with something geeky so I try and not go to them a lot but I'll go to enough so I'm not being mean. I would rather play wow or rift or sit and crochet while watching the tv at home most nights though x


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