Monday, 1 July 2013

Monday's sunday summary

1. Ombre coffee  2. Carrot cake  3. Bargain of the week  4. Old town quartet gig
5. Carbooting  6. Bacon  7. Socks of the day  8. Stockley farm visit
9. Goat!  10. Ice cream  11. Shedded skin  12. Impressive bike  13. Hello!

Hey guys!
Sorry i didn't post yesterday, 
it was a crazy hectic day.
I was up at 5:30 for a carboot sale,
then i had to go work to pay for my dentist appointment.
[which i still don't have!]
Then i spent like 3 hours listing stuff on ebay.
It was a tiring day.

The carboot was ok.
I didn't sell what i thought would sell.
Clearly warrington doesn't appreciate my wares!

I had a bunch of dvds left after the car boot so i've stuck them on my ebay.
The auction ends tonight so go have a mooch!
There are some really good ones.
I'm only selling because i can't lug these all to Berlin with me.

I went to a gig this week,
my future brother in law's band,
Old Town Quartet.
They're kind of folk/country.
Really good.

I got excited about wanting to see some goats and went to Stockley Farm.
Wasn't that impressed. 
Not enough animal/human interaction for me!
I did get to bottle feed a goat though! was a bit weird because i was the only lonely adult there...
everyone else had a child with them.

I had some fit mint ice cream with a flake,
AND a massive bacon butty noooom.
[not on the same day, im not a pig!]
You might notice the icing/cake ratio is a little off with the carrot cake.
I had to slice 2/3 off the top and it was STILL too much cream.
Tingly mouth.

My tattoo is nearly healed,
I've been leaving massive skin flakes all over the house.
It's so gross i know.
They would just fall off though,
can't help it!!

Decided to show you all just how fashionable i am...
love me a bit of grey haa.

So yeh, go check out my ebay,
tell your kids,
tell your wife....

Hope everyone's had a good week!?
I'm off to gorge myself on this week's blogs.
They've built up and i am way excited. 


  1. I noticed when going through my clothes I have a lot of grey and dark blue. I love Mint choc chip ice cream! x

    1. Ha! i put all the tops i brought with me on a shelf and was like huh, all the grey. You can't get mint ice cream in germany so i was straight on it!!X


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