Friday, 21 November 2014

Amsterdam // Playgrounds

Ok, it's official, i want to move to Amsterdam.
It's sooooo beautiful.
The wonky houses, the canals, i'm swooning.
Also, they sell sausage rolls [hello!] and play South Park on TV at 9 in the morning.

We went with some friends to attend the Playgrounds festival.
My boyfriend's boss was giving a talk so that was our initial reason for going.
The first day was TOUGH.
We had a taxi booked to leave Berlin at 4am, for a 7am flight.
Then we went from Schipol to the air bnb apartment, then to the festival.
I'm not going to lie...the seats were so damn comfy a fell asleep a lot.

The chandelier in the theatre was to die for. 

We stayed right next to Vondelpark.
It's HUGE and i found a hobbit hotel.
Lookit how sweet!

My boyfriend and i went to the Salon Serpent walk in day when the festival was over.
There were 6 people already waiting when we strolled up at 11:30,
and by 12:00 there were at least 8 people behind us!
I ended up choosing a piece by Susanne K├Ânig
and i'm so happy i did.

I love her work.
We had a really nice chat and i wanted to shrink and carry her with me everywhere i went!! 
She's freaking adorable!

In between our appointments we met our friends and ate at the most amazing cafe for brunch.

I mean, how cute is this interior!?

I can't put into words how yummy it was, maple syrup, pancakes....
Just, OOF, just look at this ok...

The eggs, the potatoes, BACON.
So good.

After lunch my boyfriend was scheduled to get a piece done by Toby Gawler,
it's beautiful.
Tattoo envy hello.

As he was getting tattooed [4 hours!] i went on a wander around the area,
took a bunch of photos and bought myself a pair of trainers and some basics from H&M as both my shoes and my leggings were BUSTED.

Toby has a one eyed Frenchie called Betty who is a dream!
She was in training though and you weren't allowed to talk to her or touch her.
She kept staring up at me with that big soulful eye of hers and i swear,
it was the most difficult thing i've EVER had to resist.

Saturday night we went to a restaurant called Lab101.
It was really good food.
I didn't take my camera though and i'm devastated!
I chose the artichoke heart with garlic dip
for starter because i've never eaten artichoke.
It came as the whole flower.
The entire head.
You're supposed to peel off the leaves and kind of scrape the flesh off,
i felt like one of those kids who don't know what a cucumber is.
It was nice, but so awkward and too much work.

On our last day we had the BEST burgers for lunch. 

If you're ever in Amsterdam,
go eat these burgers.


I've never had a burger topped with egg and bacon that felt so light.

Then to finish the trip we visited Micropia.

It's an exhibit about germs.
Microscopic germs.
It was right next to the zoo.
Do i sound bitter?

I'm not exaggerating.
The queue we were in was for the zoo and the germs.

I spent the entire queue journey trying to talk the others into going to the zoo but no.
No zoo for shell.
I could see camels and bison and goats.
It was MEAN.
If you know me, you know my obsession with goats and animals.
I freaking LOVE them.
I love them more than people.
[not in a weird way.]

The exhibition was interesting.
There were some pretty cool ants working on cutting out and collecting leaves from a plant.
Watching them was pretty cool, ants are strong.
I got through it super fast and stood outside taking pictures of the petting zoo.
It was heartbreaking being on the other side of the fence.
I felt like a right weirdo taking pictures ha!

Sheep stalker.

So yeah, that was our whirlwind Amsterdam trip.
I'm going to live there,
i promise you now.
I love it!

It felt very different to Berlin.
No-one had an attitude when they spoke English.
They're a very friendly and welcoming people.
The area and the wonky houses are out of a dream.
Just so beautiful.

I felt very at home in Amsterdam.
Despite my face in this photo.

I was trying to be menacing like a vampire as it was halloween,
but no.
My resting face is bitch face.
Stupid face.

We're planning on going back after the move next year to see everything we missed so please,
if you have any recommendations leave them below!
Especially good places to eat :) 

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