Saturday, 22 June 2013

Warrington town

Up until i was 8 years old i lived in Germany.
You got me, i'm an army brat.
In 1994 my dad was posted to the UK.
We ended up in Warrington.

Smack bang in the middle of Manchester and Liverpool.

I'm not complaining about Warrington.
I met so many good people there.
I met my boyfriend of 10 years there.
It's just...a bit blah.

I think everyone thinks this about where they grew up though.
Kind of a rite of passage of sorts.
'If you can survive this place, you can survive anything'.

Well now i don't live here, i kind of love it,
and i miss it so very much!

I love going back.
There are some really nice places near by for day trips.
It's so familiar.

I love Warrington.
[ small bite sized one week every three months chunks]
It's pretty charming.
The people are interesting to watch.
And it feels like home.

I'm here now actually.
Having a bit of an m.o.t after a nasty sinus and ear infection.
It was a trek getting here this time.
If you follow me on twitter you'll have seen my anger on wednesday evening.
Will be explaining everything soon...


  1. Wow, some of those stalls look amazing! They are becoming so rare to find. The Sweetie stall and the ribbons look fantastic, and all the fresh fish! Yum! x

    1. Yeh the sweet stall is amazing :) i always get really excited to get something, but then when i get there there's too much to choose from and i panic haa!

  2. Ah! I love a good trip to Warrington! x

    1. Good old Waz! We're getting a primark soon apparently, have a feeling this little town is gonna get that little bit busier!


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