Friday, 10 May 2013

My favourite necklaces

I am currently knee deep in bunting, tissue paper pom poms, and washi tape.
My mum's birthday party is tomorrow and i am swamped!
I have lots to share, but photoshop is on the other laptop, which my boyfriend currently has. 
So until i get to that machine to edit photos, i have a few stand by posts to share :)

I wanted to show you guys some of my favourite necklaces. 

I'm not really into the big statement necklaces or collars, i prefer longer chains with catchy pendants.
Having said that though, i recently bought a couple of statement necklaces to try out, i'm not sure how i feel about them yet.
Being a pretty laid back kinda gal when it comes to style [PAH understatement!], i always forget about jewellery and accessorising.  
I never used to, i guess i've just gotten lazy in my old, old age.
I vow to myself to try harder!

So, on with the show... four of my favourite, most worn, necklaces.

1. Snow White  2. Cinderella  3. Tinkerbell - all Disney Couture 
4. Sawyer and Scout Deathly Hallows necklace

I got all of my Disney Couture necklaces years ago from ASOS after seeing Nicole Richie wearing one of their wrap bracelets. They still stock the brand, but i've not seen many nice things that i fancy recently. I'm wondering* if they'll get some new stuff in?
After a quick search on Ebay i found a much wider selection, and much cheaper! I have to say, if i didn't have GIANT fingers, i would be buying some of those stacking rings, so nice.

The Deathly Hallows necklace i got from Sawyer and Scout a year or two ago. Every time i wear it i get huge compliments from fellow potter geeks [don't take offence, we are what we are].
I mosied on over to the site today and my heart soared when i saw the little dino bracelet [jurassic park nerd here], then came crashing down when i realised they were out of stock! Gutted!
Also, side note, i am LOVING the Divergent necklace. 
I've just started reading this series so was super excited to see those!

Anyway, hope y'alls enjoyed my jewels?

* GAH hoping and praying 


  1. the castle necklace is so cute ^_^ x

    1. thank you :) its not very clear on the photo but in the doorway it has tiny little clear 'crystals' that move around, super cute :D

  2. Disney Couture was SUCH a good idea, but they dont seem to get any new stuff in. Your collection is lovely! I love the Deathly Hallows necklace, its nice to see HP fans everywhere :D


    1. I know what you mean about the new stuff, it's all been so disappointing lately! Yeah, harry potter fans unite!! I loved your recent post btw :)


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