Tuesday, 16 April 2013

What's in my make up bag...


So i don't know if it's because i live in Berlin where au naturel is the norm; or because i'm so paranoid about my skin breaking out, but generally, most days, i don't wear make up. Or brush my hair...but that's another story. 

However when i'm reading blogs some of my favourite posts are about what people own, what make up they use, their skin care routine etc. So i've decided to treat you to a little peek inside my every day make up bag, and my stored make up. 

We start with my little bag. I love anything to do with space, especially the moon, so when i saw this i couldn't resist. It was my birthday treat to myself. We all love those right?

I don't usually wear a lot of make up, but if i'm having a break out or going somewhere nice i like to start with this Catrice primer. I find it so much better than the Benefit Porefessional. It calms down any redness i'm having and also really smoothes my skin. I have pretty deep pores so it is awesome. 

The p2 brightener is just an under eye cream that feels really refreshing and smells kind of cucumbery; if that can even be classed as a word?? It really perks up my eyes and wakes me up.

Benetint is an old love of mine, i haven't had this for years and i don't wear make up enough to justify buying the full sized product, so the pocketpal is ideal. I use this mainly as a blush, haven't even touched the lip gloss!

The concealer is perfect for my skin tone. I have really pale skin, but with a pinky tone, and usually most concealers i see have that yellow undertone. It just doesn't work for me. I used to use a Loreal true match in a rose pink colour, but i've not seen that colour for years. Sad face. I have since found this p2 concealer and for less than €2 it's a definite re-buy.  

I couldn't tell you what brushes they are, probably the cheapest ones i could find. They're pretty old. I could do with some new ones actually. Any recommendations? I'm thinking Mac...

The eyeshadows are a recent find. The packaging reminds me of Shu Umera no? I think they were 2 or 3 euros each, and are really pigmented and have the slightest shimmer. Usually i don't wear eyeshadow, but every now and then i fancy a bit of sparkle. 

Tweezers. I've used this brand for as long as i can remember. Wilkinson Sword. Isn't it funny how some tweezers just don't work the same for one person as another. 
If i misplace these, which, let's be honest, has happened on more than one occasion, i go absolutely mental. I get clammy hands, my heart races, i go into full on panic mode.....then i find them at the bottom of my make up bag. 

I'm one of those weirdos who hates lipstick. Gah i know, i'm a terrible person! I just really don't like the feel of it on my lips. I stress out about licking my lips too much, and not licking them enough and then getting those unsightly white lines on my mouth *shudders*.

I picked this up on a whim during a Berlin winter and i love it. It's my lip colour, but better. It doesn't feel like i'm wearing anything, but it feels kind of fresh and tingly at the same time [whut? how?!], and it adds a tiny pop of colour that really brightens my face.

Here i am wearing just the blistex lip tone. You can see what i mean about my skin now! Seriously though, spots, or spot scarring are nothing to be ashamed of and they in no way make you any less of a person.
Embrace your face!!

My moisturiser. I have problem skin and this is the only thing i've been able to put on my face without feeling like there is something on my face...don't be crude...i love this stuff.
I only use it occasionally, i have oily/combination skin, so i use it maybe 2 or 3 times a week. 

My storage make up bag...

I very rarely wear nail varnish. These are a few i found in the bag. The one on the left is a gorgeous coral colour when applied and makes my skin look more tanned, so i can see me wearing this a bit more this summer.

My stand by blushes. The Topshop one is cream, and the Mac is a powder. Both are a flushed, light pink colour. Just to add that little, not so obvious colour. 

Powder, and various concealer type products. The Mac is NC15, i'm not too sure about it though. Thinking about getting rid. It's a bit to yellowy for my skin, and it's quite drying. 

The Lemon aid is for the days i don't feel like eye shadow, it just takes that redness away. 
I picked up the Nip & Fab over christmas from TK Maxx for super cheap, like £2 or something, but i don't think my skin likes it. After using it for about 4 or 5 days i got these strange, small, lumps under my eyes. I stopped using it and they're still slowly going down. Bizarre.  

The BadGal has been a staple for years. Most especially when i had my full on Brody Dalle punk style phase. I'm still a punk at heart, just less eye liner! 

A couple of lipsticks i tried this year. Still not convinced. 
The BarryM is something i use on special occasions, to feel that little bit, you know, special!

My two favourite mascaras. 
These should all actually be in my every day make up bag, as i rotate the mascaras, depending on what i'm going for. 

I inherited my Granddad's owl eyebrows, so i need lots of taming. 
I bought the Mac brow mascara recently after reading Lily's review of it and i have to say, i'm not sure it's that amazing. Maybe it's my eyebrows though, they're crazy annoying to control.

Finally, my stand by eye shadows. 
The palette of from M&S and was an emergency buy. I forgot my make up one trip home and couldn't go to Boots because it burnt down in a fire, i don't like Asda make up, and it was a Sunday. 
I really like it though, i'd recommend checking their make up out. 

The matte single is by Mac, 'Quarry'. I love it, i love matte eye shadows. 

The Catrice one i wore a lot over xmas before i got Lemon Aid. I mainly wore it very lightly to take any redness away from my lids.

So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed, and hope it wasn't too long! 

I need to go now and sort out my roasted veg and rice tea, yum!


  1. really pretty nail polish colors, perfect for summer time;)X


    1. ikr! i think that's what attracted me to them, got them in winter, wishful summer thoughts :)

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