Friday, 12 April 2013

A catch up of epic proportions.

Hi! I told you i'd have a new post didn't doubt me did you?

I must warn you though, this is a photo heavy post. Like super heavy. Like 15 months or so worth of catching up.
If you like pictures, you're in for a treat. 
If not...well, i recommend you don't read this post!
As i've been AWOL for quite some time, i've decided to post a few photos for each month that i've been away to give you an idea of what's going on, then i'll expand on certain things in future posts.

Sound good? Cool. So, grab a [big] cup of tea and get comfy!

January 2012

Some prints i made with my gocco printer.

Gig with my sister, lego hair!

February 2012

I got some crimpers as a late christmas present. The boyfriend did not like this....said i look like Stevie Wonder....looking back now i can kind of see where he's coming from.

 As well as crimpers i got a badass new mixer. This was my first loaf. Chuffed.

March 2012 

I had a birthday. I burnt my cake so shaved the crispy bits and hid it under the cream. I also kind of had a street fighter party. Where a group of us played street fighter. For hours. 

Oh and my sister came to visit! 

Here she is on the left.

April 2012

Birthday present from the boyfriend was a tattoo. I had to wait for 3 weeks or something.

Totally worth it.

At the end of April we moved into our very own flat! We thought it would be a good idea to go to Ikea on the hottest day of the year, and furnish our entire apartment. It was not a good idea. 
So hot.

Our new street!

May 2012

Most of May involved moving in.

I have a whole post dedicated to old flats and the new flat.

June 2012

In June i got a bike! 

And i also tried fish tacos for the first time.

July 2012

We went back to the UK and had a garden party with our nearest and dearest.

We also visited Jodrell Bank, Conwy, and went to the punk festival Rebellion. 

August 2012 

In August we started healthy eating and exercising lots. We kicked this off with a massive trek through Treptower Park. If you're ever in Berlin in summer, definitely visit.

September 2012

This is joghurt! Not ice cream! My parents visited in September. My dad actually surprised me by meeting us at a random coffee shop. 
Best day!

October 2012

The boyfriend's parents came and we made a buttload of mini burgers.
Super tasty, i only had 1! Still losing weight!

November 2012

More visitors! This time my sister and her boyfriend. They all had greasy burgers and i stayed with my rice cake! 8 kilos down thank you very much :)

December 2012

It snowed.

We went home and my dog stole my Eeyore teddy. She always does this.
Takes the ted then runs away.
Doesn't even say hello.

We were treated to delicious food!

And i made myself a xmas jumper because i couldn't afford to buy one.
I also got some sexy snow boots that were quite the topic of conversation.

My sister got engaged, again! Not to a different guy or anything.
Same guy, new ring.
So happy for them! 
She's a fancypants Queenie.

We spent our New Year in a bungalow in Abersoch, with my sister and fiancee for company.
It was my favourite New Year ever.
At half 11 we took champagne and kindling to the beach and made a fire.
At midnight we watched fireworks and i cried because i had never been happier.

January 2013

New bike helmet for safety on the snowy streets of Berlin.
I got a new camera for xmas btw.
You'll see an improvement in photos....hopefully!

February 2013

Sweet potato burgers. Yum!

I also started drawing again. 
Came up with some ideas.
I realise this picture looks really odd, but it's just a portion of a page.
It makes sense i promise!

March 2013

Happy Birthday Me!!!
I turned 27.
Then i freaked out. 
I also got a new bike from the boyfriend.

And there you have it! Hopefully you're still around, if you read through that, i thank you, you're awesome and i love you! 

Mega apologies for being rubbish and not posting for a while. 
I kind of lost myself. Plus the middle of last year got super busy.
We're back on track now though and i'm going to treat you to lots of new posts!

Hope everyone's had a good year so far :) 
Shell X


  1. Ah, loved looking back at this. Keep it going.

  2. Ah, loved looking back at this. Keep it going.

  3. Ooh what area of Berlin did you choose to live in? xx

    1. Prenzlauer berg. It's so nice, but still lots going on. Not as crazy as Kreuzberg! x


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