Tuesday, 31 May 2011

cool yeah coooool!

Today i am going to sit down with a pile of paper and just draw and draw and draw.

It's really hot over here, scorching, and there has been an e coli outbreak which means we aren't allowed to eat salad. SALAD! It is such salad weather it's just not fair.

I am still waiting for my care package off my lovely sister to come, i don't know what she's sent, but that's all the fun! I am expecting some topshop cream blush....fingers crossed!!

My submission for 'if i was you' has been accepted, yeey :) It was a strange one, because i think it's the first time i've had to work to some sort of brief. I made the mistake, as i always do, of trying to be something i am not. I did one drawing to try and 'fit in' with the other illustrators but i just made a pigs ear of it. I then sat down and just drew what popped in my head, which is how i normally work, i play a kind of word association game and draw what makes me laugh.

Lesson learnt.....learned.....i never know when to use which one!!

Always remember, people like what you do, not what you try to do. If that makes sense??!!

Stay true to yourself guys x Peas x

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