Friday, 7 January 2011

I introduce myself to thee

i have spent the last hour looking at blogs that i like and trying deperately to figure out how to start my new blog.
i didn't come up with any answers so have decided to just introduce myself by providing 12 things about me :)

  • i hate using capital letters, unless i am imitating shouting via email/twitter/facebook
  • i am really into american ice hockey, my team are the boston bruins
  • i love drawing and crafting and it has taken me 5 years of high school, 3 years of college, 1 year of art foundation, and 3 still ongoing years of uni to figure out i want to be an illustrator
  • my favourite ice cream is a twister, mmm twisters
  • last year i moved to berlin for 3 months with my bf
  • i am an army brat
  • i was born in and lived in germany for 8 wonderful years
  • i am quite skilled in buying people interesting presents that they adore
  • i have 2 singer sewing machines, i can't use either one, they're proper manual
  • i am so clumsy sometimes i feel like miranda
  • i dye my hair regularly and have done since i was 9, i am now mere months away from 25
  • i adore crappy tv
there we go. i think that's 12. knowing me i'll have miscounted, i'm not the best at maths!

happy readings, i will no doubt be back 2moro, suffering from flu at the minute so have lots of time on my hands :)

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